Is it time to repair, replace, or upgrade your water heater?

A water heater is often the forgotten about plumbing fixture, but it is one of our most used appliances. Every day multiple times, your water heater is turning on working to keep the water at a constant temperature. Over time it is excepted to see a water heater need a repair or replacement. 

Signs your water heater can be repaired 

  • Less hot water as before (electric water heater) 

  • No hot water at all 

  • Pilot light keeps going out

  • The safety valve is leaking or stuck 

Signs your water heater needs to be replaced 

  • If your water heater is hitting its life expectancy 10- 12 years

  • Water leaking from top inlet or outlet 

  • Water leaking from bottom of the tank

  • Rust spots on water heater tank

  • Water in pan

  • No hot water

  • Water heater making strange noises popping, cracking

  • Rusty colored water

  • Smelly Hot Water

When to upgrade your water heater?

  • Not enough hot water for household needs​

  • Looking for a more energy-efficient option  

  • If you have or will install a large soaker tub that your current water heater will not fill up 

  • If you have gas service at your Mandeville home

  • Looking for longevity in a water heater 

  • Limited amount of space

Our Mandeville water heater technicians can address your plumbing issues and have your water heater up and running the same day

Water Heater Options

Listed below you will find some of our most commonly installed water heaters 

Gas & Electric Standard 50 Gallon Water Heaters

Includes standard 6-year warranty with the option to increase warranty to 9 or 12 years

A & O Smith Water Heater

ProLine® Standard Vent 50-Gallon Tall Gas Tank Water Heater

Standard Electric Tank Water Heaters:

Rheem Water Heater

Professional Classic Series: Atmospheric

Gas Water Heater

  • .59 - 65  UEF - US

  • 40 and 50 gallon capacities

  • Diagnostic gas control valve

Professional Classic Series: Electric Water Heater

  • .90 - .93 UEF

  • Enhanced-flow brass drain valve

  • 19.9 to 55 gallon capacities

Rheem Electric High Efficiency Water Heaters

  • The most durable electric water heater ever made

  • High efficiency design and a lightweight tank that won't corrode

  • Seamless polybutene tank – impervious to rust and corrosion

  • 30, 40, 50, 85 and 100 gallon capacitie

  • Featuring the same unique design as the Marathon water heater, but in smaller capacities

  • Ideal for condos, cabins and light-duty commercial applications

  • 15 and 20 gallon capacities

Gas High-Efficiency Water Heaters

  • Navien 240-A

  • Serves up to 4 1/2 Baths

  • 35°F temp rise11.2 GPM (42.4 l/m)

  • 45°F temp rise8.7 GPM (32.9 l/m)

  • 67°F temp rise5.6 GPM (21.2 l/m)

  • Efficiency RatingsUEF (NG & LP)0.96

  • EF (Canada NG & LP)0.97

Navien Tankless Water Heater

Mandeville Water Heater Service Appointment

If you are needing to repair or replace your water heater in your Mandeville home give us a call our water heater service technicians can repair or replace your water heater the same day.

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